Hard Work

I had a few seconds today to reflect on the word HARD WORK. Without having to use a dictionary, you can immediately understand the meaning of the work. It simply means work that is hard.

This word is used a lot for great people. It simply means not settling for work that is easy. Simply put, work that is hard is what makes great men. Never saw a great man or woman who never did something people see as hard

On your pathway to becoming a better person, evaluate the tasks you do every day. Hard does not mean physical strength alone, it simply means exerting more efforts than normal. It means getting to do more than the easy part of any task and scale it up to the harder parts

Never has there been a path to success or greatness which was easy. So if you see yourself doing real hard tasks, keep going because it simply means you are already on the part to doing real great things.

Evaluate yourself daily, look at the tasks you have for the day, and ensure you have exerted all the efforts you can before giving up. Then you are simply doing a hard work and never stop doing the hard work because HARD WORK PAYS.

As a programmer, this simply means having to read every piece of code in that project, write every piece of code you see. Read books, meet people and never stop aiming to be better, the skills you have and the relationship you have with people should never stop. Keep doing the hard work and the act of programming would become a way of life for you.

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