What Makes a Better Programmer?

The only thing that makes a better programmer is being able to make the computer do work faster. The question then is how do I make the computer go any faster.

Making the computer go any faster depends on how you pass it the instructions to execute. It simply means how well do you write your Algorithms. Algorithms is found in every day of our lives. Programming deals to a very large extent with algorithms and it would be really nice if every programmer takes one or two Algorithm courses.

Being able to think of solving a problem in a number of ways is far interesting than just having a single way or no way at all. Algorithm courses helps programmers devise various methods of approaching a problem and as such helps provides numerous ways to solve problems without having to use just one method.

Becoming a better programmer would depend to a large extent on how you are able to solve problems which is one thing Algorithm courses specify. So therefore, to become a better programmer, you need to take more Algorithm courses to help widen your scope on how to solve problems.

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