Habits of Good Programmers

The ability of a programmer to become better usually does not lie in the act of programming, but also in the activities done behind programming. Habits are what makes anyone better. Being able to have good habits is what defines a great programmer. Habits of exercise make a programmer able to go further than his/her ordinary ability.

Being able to develop good habits are what really defines any person at any occupation. As such, programming is no exception. But what are the basic habits any programmer should keep?

Exercise: Any programmer who really wants to go beyond ordinary must find time to exercise and as such develop his/her brain and computing power. Being able to find time to exercise is a sign of good habit on its own. I hardly find any successful person who never had to exercise

Good Sleep: A nice rest after the days’ hectic tasks is one way to give the body a great deal of time to recover from the stress it has gone through throughout the day. Programmers should fine time in their ever busy schedule to rest and have a great deal of sleep because without sleep the body gets easily stressed and thus reduces brain power.

Good Food: A new car that lives on bad fuel would break down sooner or later. This is a simple analogy to a good programmer who does not eat good food. He takes whatever food he/she can get without thinking of eating something good. Bad food equals bad body system and good food equals good body system.

Reading and Writing: Knowledge is what makes anyone great. Finding time to seek knowledge and finding time to search knowledge are some great habits of very good programmers. Programmers should not only rely on what they knew yesterday rather strive hard daily to become better than they were yesterday. Also as a programmer, it is important to search knowledge no matter how small or big you think it is, it might save another programmer elsewhere.

If a programmer can develop some of these habits, it definitely would put you on the pathway of becoming one of the best programmers the world has ever known
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