The Habit of Writing Clean and Clear Code

What is a Clean and Clear Code? Well, I am still searching for an answer but the closest I have found so far is a that a clean and clear code is a code that does not need further explanation after the programmer has written it. A clean and clear code is so straight forward in its wordings that anyone who looks at the code is fully aware of what the code is trying to achieve.

But it is indeed very difficult to write clean and clear code. Your customers are waiting for the next update and you also want to add more features to your app, if it works, then its okay. You sincerely believe that your code would never have to be updated. Well, no matter how well written a code is, it would definitely be reviewed sooner or later.

Endeavor to always remember the next young programmer who would have to go through your code. Do pity the life of the next programmer who would have to update your code when you are taking a break at the Bahamas. Always think about the next programmer when you are writing your code.

The habit of writing clean and clear code involves always being observant of what you are writing and always ensure to write something no one would have to look for you to understand.

Always seek to create a code that seems documented without having to write a documentation. Use the proper naming rules and always do your best. Sometimes, we really want to write the best of codes, but situations are just not right. No matter how tough it is, ensure you have given your best when writing that code

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