Naming In Programming

As we grow up, a lot of things around us are named so we normally find it easy to name all the things we see around. However, when we want to create something ourselves, the difficulty of giving a meaningful name becomes apparent. In programming, we create new codes and so we need to name some part of the code such as the classes, variables and methods. Giving a meaningful name is very important and it conveys the idea the programmer has in mind when creating a certain code.

Giving names that denote the exact meaning of why it is used is somehow difficult because different names can mean different things in different contexts and as such, what seems direct to one programmer might mean something else to another programming.

One easy way out as I learnt from a podcast on is to build your vocabulary in English language. This makes it easy to have a wide range of words to choose from and thus not limited to a certain set of words. Also it is important that as much as we learn to have more words in our vocabulary, we also learn to use them.

We need to do more in speaking and writing with the new words we have been armed with so that it becomes easy to use in programming. Writing blog posts and some more are some of the advises the speaker gave.

I also believe that understanding the context in which we are writing the code would also be a good thing. If you are writing a medical related program, it would be nice to have some few words on our sleeves about medicine and a few others.

It is said that two things are hard in programming: Validation and Naming. I guess I know why now

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