Writing My OKR

OKR means Objective, Key, Result. The Concept is becoming very popular somewhat due to its immense use by Google. It tries to give you an idea of what it is you want to achieve in your organization within a certain period of time. It also includes what you want to achieve personally.

Well, it is sometimes difficult to picture oneself in the near future, but note that once you find it difficult to picture yourself, you need to clarify what exactly it is you want to achieve. You need to dare yourself before you know your limits.

It is important to note that in trying to create an OKR that you focus on your dreams and not the dreams of others. Make it a choice to read well and make decisions for yourself rather than hoping to have the life of another person. Every single day comes with different challenges and it is up to us to know how we want to handle it.

To make your OKR outstanding, ensure you have a clear goal of who it is you really want to be and how you want to be that person taking into consideration your organizational goals and vision.

You need to dare yourself in your OKR but never become unrealistic in trying to push yourself to your full potential.

So try today to clarify who you want to become and determine what you need to do in the next few weeks to achieve that. Take a step at a time. No need to rush.

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