Why Documentation is the Next Big Thing

Code documentation is underrated. Once we write code and we test it and it works fine, we assume the task is completed and move on to the next big thing. But God forbids, something happens to that code and we have to revisit it sometimes, we feel as if we never wrote the code. The only proof that we wrote the code is the name of the author bearing our names.

The idea of the logic and every other thing about the code is out of our mind.
Our state of mind changes very fast and it is rather important that we take note of that when we write code. The world is becoming a more open-source community and code you write would need to be read and understood by another person. So it is far from your code simply running and working fine. Can the logic of the code be understood right away by another developer?
I think we need to start writing code and thinking of the next Junior programmer who would have to upgrade our code. We need to put in more effort at writing code that is easy to learn and understand. Because I believe in the future, as we continue to have more programming languages, people would begin to learn only languages that are very easy to understand once written.
The computer is not the only thing that needs to read our code now. With the concepts of code review, standards should be enforced to have a better code for us all.
 Code Readability as I often define it is the ability of a code to be read and understood without seeking help from the programmer who wrote the code.
Once code becomes readable, ideas become easier to implement and build on. Thanks for Reading

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