Correcting Others

Making mistakes is something every single one of us has done at one point or the other of our lives and would most likely make more in the future. However, making mistakes makes us look incompetent, ashamed and makes us lose confidence in ourselves.

However, when we make mistakes, what we need to do is to learn from the mistake and ensure it never happens again. But when you observe a person making a mistake, it is necessary to explain to the person what exactly the mistake is, why it is a mistake and point to the solution. In organizations where a lot of people work together and a lot of mistakes are made, it is rather necessary to find a really good way to correct others so as to prevent malice and jealousy among staffs when corrected. Below are some few points I think we can adhere to when trying to correct others.

  1. Establish that the problem was indeed a mistake. Sometimes, some things might look like the person made a mistake, but was trying to get something else done. After establishing that it was indeed a mistake, then move to step 2
  2. Seek to have a moment with the person privately. Most people do not like to be corrected in public. Explain what you believe is the right answer and how the person can get to make it right
  3. Rather than only talking, try as much as possible to put the person through to avoid a future recurrence. Also, try have the issue documented so that other colleagues who have the same issue would simply read up rather than you having to repeat the same thing.
  4. Try to never correct a person over a general communication medium. Where everyone can see the mistake. Rather do so using personal communication medium
  5. Be calm and composed when making corrections, rather than by being in a very loud and rude manner simply because you feel you need to correct a person
  6. Always refer to mistakes by the event rather than by the person who made the mistake. This rather seems like the person who made the mistake is always tagged with his/her mistake
  7. Know that making mistakes is something that should not be looked at as a very bad thing but rather as a tool for learning and ensuring not to make the same mistake twice

These few points are some of the ways I believe we can go around correcting ourselves.

Call To Action

Simply try to follow at least one of these points when correcting a friend today

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